“R/evolution” The Prodigal Daughter collection for epic women



The Prodigal Daughter released its latest womenswear collection and by this way expresses how strong, proud and beautiful Queen we can be if make our internal R/evolution.

What does Couleur Beaute love?

The first time we saw the collection, we’ve loved the vibe to be an unapologetic woman. And after find out the designer’s inspirations, we love the spirit. Let’s the founder and designer of the label, Phoebe Mwanzaexplains us:

I am inspired by people, experiences and different African cultures. I named my new collection, the R/evolution collection to celebrate all the revolutionary women and men who have come before me, influenced my thinking, changed my life and paved the way for me to become the person I am still becoming. The R/evolution collection is written that way because it is up to the individual to interpret it the way they want. For me an evolution of the mind, body and soul can only happen once an internal revolution has happened. The evolution cannot happen without the revolution. I had gone through my own internal revolution which triggered my evolution. The collection is a celebration of my heroes, my ancestors and my r/evolutionaries who tried to trigger this journey within us.”

Brand and designer Profile

“I am Phoebe Mwanza, the founder and designer of The Prodigal Daughter. I’m born in Zambia and grew up in Zimbabwe.

I started The Prodigal Daughter 2 years ago. The name itself is significant to me. There is a whole explanation of why I chose that name on my website. I would not say I chose it, it definitely chose me. Basically it’s the story of my journey back to my roots, back to appreciating my culture and our history as African people. I try and bring that out in the clothing and in the stories I tell with the clothing.”

The type of woman that wears The Prodigal Daughter is strong and soft, kind, independent, a woman here with a purpose and on a mission, unapologetic, connected to her roots and culture, spiritual, fun and here to heal the world and show the world some beauty.”

The Prodigal Daughter is based in Melbourne, Australia. All fabric is sourced from different parts of Africa. We ship worldwide.

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