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My name is Sabine Pontonnier, I live in a small town near Toulouse, the “Pink City”.  I come from HAITI. I listen to every day Haitian Kompas and I love Zouk also! I’m a happy mom and a wife with my husband and our four children aged 15, 13, 11 and 2 without forgetting our small dog Lilo. Stay-at-home mom, I take care of my older brother who is autistic and my little tribe.

16 years ago, I set the fire in the kitchen of my husband when warming up a frozen pizza! It was catastrophic, I didn’t even cook a boiled egg. At the birth of my first child, I had two options: the cans or put me in the kitchen! I chose to learn to cook.

At first it was not easy but I didn’t discourage me nonetheless. I’m a self-taught but I am learning every day. The kitchen has become a true passion over time. My recipes are simple, delicious, generous and high in color. The kitchen has become my den, I live in my kitchen that I decorated with lots of love. In my kitchen, I escape, I travel, I disconnect.

Now I study to become a pastry chef, I enjoy this training and I want to make people, share my passion, my world by opening a tea room and also give my person in autism associations, to make cakes of birthdays to provide autistic children, see shine the eyes of a child, before his birthday cake is magical.

In the meantime, I share my passion on my food blog Cuisine Planète, where you can learn how to make Haitians dishes and other recipes. I am fan of French, Italian, Spanish, Indian, creole, Oriental, Asian, African, and other food.

I am a true gourmet, I love cooking and the pastry. I’m a home chef but I admire the Great chefs and pastry chefs.

Cooking is an art that can bring together all peoples, of all origins, and the color of the spices made us travel and discover a world of flavours.

My goal is not to achieve perfection with gourmet recipes for Great Chefs. No, my wish is simply to share our cultures, our origins, our country… A true gathering around the culinary arts.

To relax I take my headphones, I listen my Kompas music and I cook. I love put together my family: an evening with my children and my husband in front of the TV with sweet pies 😉

My MUST-HAVE beauty is a mascara put on my eyes in the morning. I love make them up!


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