Get to know Nadeen MATEKY, talented makeup artist and hairstylist


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I am Nadeen MATEKY, a professional makeup artist and hairstylist. I comb since my 8-year-old, it is a passion that I have inherited from my grandmother. Today I’m self-employed and I able to earn a living from my passion.


  1. Tell us about your journey and how did you get there ? 

I come from Congo Brazzaville. I have only good memories with my grandmother Mounzézé, daughter of the leader of the village Mindouli in Congo. One of them, it is when I was 8-year-old, on the way back to Brazzaville, she spoke to me in my native language and I did not understand a word of what she said and she said “so don’t worry my daughter over time, you’ll become a translator” and the only way we had to connect it was the hairstyle. Since then, I learned my language I am fluent today.

You get it above all it’s a sentimental journey and this art is a passion that I practice since my childhood. What’s better than doing the job we love with all our heart.

Subsequently, to acquire more mastery, I followed a school of hairdressing and make-up.

Since 2012, I performed at many events such as:

  • The parade Sculpt Hair in the Bellevilloise Paris (2012)
  • Performance for “Banlieue is beautiful” at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris (2014)
  • The parades at the quai Branly Museum and at BRUSSELS FASHION WEEK (2015)
  • Hairdresser for the Copa America for CANAL + channel TV (2016)
  • Chief hairdresser for the FIMA catwalk of the designer ALPHADI at UNESCO (2016)
  • Beauty enhancement of Mrs Rama YADE for the cover of IAM DIVAS Magazine (2016)

However, my greatest accomplishment is my Princess born in 2013 🙂


  1. Tell us why you’re good at what you do ?

I’m a passionate, hard-working, innovative, perfectionist.

For the anecdote, Mrs. Rama YADE was amazed by herself after her beauty enhancement during the shooting and it was a satisfaction for me.

Rama YADE is a very beautiful and talented woman. She had to live things as a woman and black in this environment policy.


  1. Please explain us the way you work ?

I always start by imagine, dream and inspiration of my hairstyles. I’m doing research and I develop a work plan. My first inspiration results from my roots, the princely universe of my childhood, by admiring my grandmother and the women of the Court to get ready.


  1. What are the great challenges that you want to achieve ?

I want to open a school for hair.

  • Your ultimate goal ?

My ultimate goal is to pass my knowledge to the next generation on our hairstyles and that ancestral techniques are not forgotten. It is a work of memory.


  1. Can you tell us if your work is linked to politics ?

My expertise has a CULTURAL significance to know our history, to know where we come from is very important.


  1. What is your MUST-HAVE beauty product ?

My Must-Have for my hair is a whipped cream of the brand CURLS and for my body I use shea butter of the brand WAAW.


Express yourself – Is there anything else you want to add ?

For those who want to be an entrepreneur: be brave, be patient because your perseverance will be paid.


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Copyright Hairstyle Photos (in appearance order) :

Photo (1)

Hairtylist et D.A : Nadeen Mateky

Photographe : Icône Studio Paris

Modele : Balmina Miss TOGO 2016

Make up : Beauty by Mathy

Jewelry : Bouba Bijoux and Kyànà by Nadeen Mateky


Photo (2)

Hairtylist et D.A : Nadeen Mateky

Photographe : Icône Studio Paris

Modele : Sherling

Make up : Beauty by Mathy

Jewelry : Bouba Bijoux


Photo (3)

Hairtylist et D.A : Nadeen Mateky

Photographe : Icône Studio Paris

Modele : Fatou Caba

Make up : Beauty by Mathy


Photo (4) et (5)

Hairstylist : Nadeen Mateky

Photographe : David Ekue

Modele : Mariam

Make up : Beauty by Mathy

Jewelry : Dielle_Nubya et Emissticric.bijoux


Gallery of jewelries Kyànà collection by Nadeen Mateky

Copyright Rama Yade photo: (1) Bestofd blog and (2) Unknow


Thanks to Nadeen Makety and have great successful in all of your projects !