Get to know Leila Toukourou, founder of the african print swimsuits brand Oba Swimwear

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I’m Leïla Toukourou, a 26 years old parisian girl from Republic of Benin and Togo, and the founder of Oba Swimwear brand inspired by african prints. Oba is a brand with limited and exclusive editions. Oba means “Queen” in Yoruba that’s why our logo is a crown because every women who wear a oba swimsuit or headwrap is a queen who develop african culture.

  1. Tell us about your journey and how did you get there? 

Throuhg my school journey, I have a license in Administration Echanges International, a 4th year of university in International Entrepreneurship and a 5th year of university in Marketing and Trade. All of my internships and jobs always turned to the domain of the textile. After that, I had time when I searched for a job so I decided to realise my dream : a handcrafted collection with african print swimsuits.

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SS16 – FOLAMI use Kente prints, Kente is the print of kings in Ghana


  1. Tell us why you’re good at what you do?

I do love what I do. I love people and I’m glad to satisfy my costumers. I‘ m deligthed to read and answer to incentive posts of my people. They can imagine how I’m feel !

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SS16 – IFE means simply Love and we need it everydays


  1. Please explain us the way you work?

I don’t study fashion design. So, I do with my feelings and no boundaries. I choose my african print and draw my pattern. I reproduce it in the african print with my Beninois tailor. Then this pattern is handcrafted in nylon and spandex. Oba’s swimsuits are 100 % waterproof !

  • How to relax

I d’ont familiar with stress. It’s not my temper but I like to relax by crunching some pieces of ice.

obaswimwear_maillot_bain_wax_mode_africaine (2)

SS16 – MORAYO representate someone who are always happy and positive.


  1. What are the great challenges that you want to achieve?

My challenge is daily! As many entrepreneur at the beginning, you do all by yourself : take orders, community activities, website management and so on. It was important to me to build my own project. Be the leader.

  • Your ultimate goal ?

Oba Swimwear a worlwide brand, that’s my ultimate goal. All women are a queen for me, Oba means Queen in Yoruba language, but if Queen Bee or Rihanna want to support by wearing my swimsuit I say YES. Above all of this I’m just to want to BE HAPPY.


  1. Can you tell us if your work is linked to politics?

My know-how has no political goal but it was important for me to make « Made in Africa » and to contribute at wealth creation and jobs at my level.

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SS16 – FEMI means “Marry me”, that’s the sentence every man should say when you wear this swimsuit


  1. What’s your must-have beauty product?

My Must Have is SHEA BUTTER ! My skin is so dry, it’ my best friend to fight against and useful for my natural hair.


Express yourself – Is there anything else you want to add?

No matter the project you have, don’t forget to be happy and keep around you positive and trusted people.


Stay tuned with Oba Swimwear :


Thanks Leila for this interview and be successful in all your projects!