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Please introduce yourself in a few lines

I’m Murielle Greffin Larochel. I come from Jacmel, a beautiful historical city of Haiti. I am co-founder and Manager of the African-Caribbean brand: AYIZANA®. I am also co-founder and secretary of the Fusion’ Ailes group, a network of women entrepreneurs.


  1. What are you felt in love with Haiti for?

The history of Haiti, its culture and the extraordinary creativity of this people fascinate me. This cultural richness expressed in everyday life through art and craft is for me a source of inexhaustible inspiration. And that’s what I want to highlight through AYIZANA®.


  1. What do you like the most in Haiti?

When I arrive in Haiti, I immediately feel at home. Excitement that reigns in the streets of Port – au-Prince to Jacmel poetic charm, just reinforces my sense of belonging to this island. It is a pure pleasure to hear people speak creole, enjoy the rooster crow and the smell of coffee in the morning… so many things that are part of everyday Haitian life and who miss me terribly when I’m in Paris.


  1. What are your favorite dishes?

My favorite dishes are djon-djon rice (rice with black mushrooms) and pumpkin soup (a soup that all Haitian families prepare January 1St, the celebration of our Independence Day)

recette haïtienne antilles

Djon Djon Rice – Copyright Manmie Tatie blog

cuisine haïtienne antillaise

Pumkin soup – Copyright Kedny Blog


  1. Essentials places to discover or you appreciate?

First, I would like to make you discover Jacmel, my hometown. This city of the South-East of Haiti, known for its beaches, its Carnival and its crafts, birthplace of writers and famous painters, such as René Depestre and Préfète Duffaut. Many cities in the South of Haiti also offer very beautiful scenery to enjoy, such as Les Cayes (Gelée, the peninsula of the Icaques), Camp-Perrin (la Prise) and the coastal towns such as Port-Salut (square Point de Sable) and Port-à-Piment (Marie-Janne Cave).


And finally, a historical monument to visit, it is the Citadelle Laferrière. This fortress built after the independence of HAITI in order to defend the island against a possible return of the French, is classified since 1982 World Heritage by the UNESCO. As if you were there thanks to “Oui Haïti” ‘s video :


  1. What is the artist to know absolutely?

There are so many Haitians craftspeople and artists to know. We are truly a nation of artists. To answer the question, I would say that the craftsman should know, it’s Jean Ednord Joseph, with whom we collaborate for almost 2 years. I was literally blown away by his talent. His specialty is the embroidery in pearls and sequins. You can see his creations on our eshop http://ayizana.com/.


Express yourself – Is there anything else you want to add?

I would wish that Haiti stops being reduced to its disastrous economic situation and that we really see the potential, the creativity and all the wealth of this Haitian people.