Haiti bets on luxury fashion for its economic boom


The luxury fashion as one (among others) option of economic boom for Haiti

To ensure its economic development, Haiti shows a new image through the fashion industry. Thanks to attested values of Haitian crafts, the universe of luxury is now the new playground of the Haitian artisans.


A strategic program for the benefit of the artisans

You may not know, but Haiti is a country where craftsmanship is appreciated at its fair value. In this locality, the Haitian artisans work to meet their needs, but above all to perpetuate their traditional know-how. The United Nations and the WTO have integrated Haiti, as well as others African countries (Burkina Faso, Ghana, Ethiopia, and others) within the ” Ethical Fashion Initiative program. This program connects directly international brands of the luxury fashion with local craftspeople of the countries concerned and aims to promote ethical and responsible fashion. Through this initiative, the big luxury fashion houses have seen quality craftsmanship and certified expertise of Haitian artisans. And as they have it in the blood, the bet is fully successful. The Haitian artisans are now the new partners of the luxury fashion.

You understand that the “ Ethical Fashion Initiative ” with their slogan “Not Charity, Just Work” enables to keep and create jobs in handicrafts in Haiti.


When luxury brands get involved

In recent years, Haitian crafts so has made a name in the universe of the “golden fashion”. The luxury brands are completely conquered and don’t hesitate to boast the expertise of these famous Haitian artisans. They did not hesitate to come to them to collaborate on authentic and high quality creations such as the eponymous Italian-Haitian brand Stella Jean and the Brazilian brand Osklen. To the benefit of these partnerships with these luxury brands are now underway to enhance the richness of Haitian handicrafts.

Quality Luxury products worthy of Haitian people

Haitian craft is proud to present this range of textiles and luxury accessories to international fashion. Leather goods to jewelry of prestige, Haitian luxury goods sign ingenious talent of the craftsmen.

Making stunning artistic creations, the know-how of Haitian craftwork must be recognized and considered. But wait, isn’t it yet?