5 ways to protect your hair in summer


How to preserve health and beauty of your hair in summer?

In summer, your hair just like your body needs to be protected. The heat, exposition to the sun, the swimming sea and swimming pool dries out and damages your hair.


Protect moisturizing of your hair with a conditioner

During your washing day, apply a conditioner. It adds moisturizing and shine. Alternately, use a leave – in after drying your hair in a towel. All the hair care products with “revitalizing” effect have designed to add moisturizing in your hair. On the other hand, products for a voluminous effect aim at styling your hair, but cannot add of moisturizing.


Avoid the use of hairdryer and heating plates 

If you use your hairdryer or your heating plates every day, try to give to your hair a break during summer. You can opt for more natural hairstyles. Another way to be sure that your hair will have a perfect look outdoors is to ask to your hairdresser to cut them in a way that once dry your haircut style enhances you.
But, if you are an ardent supporter of hairdryer, make sure to use a conditioner adapt to protect your hair during the blow-dry.


Revitalize in depth your hair

The weekend or at night, apply a deep mask or a night mask on ends or other zones of your hair which require it. Wrap in them in cellophane or plastic bag all night long. This allows to restore moisturizing of your hair without weighing down them.


Use sun protection

Carry a hat at the beach or when you are outside under the hot sun. Hair can have a sunburn, just like the scalp and the only way of correcting hair severely burnt is to cut them. So, prevention is better than cure.
If you do not prefer to carry a hat, use hair care products contain a sun protection when you know that you will be outside during a long moment.


Prefer natural hair care products

Hair have to be handled with an additional sweetness during summer. Intend to pass in a softer shampoo and also try to use hair care products which are most natural that possible. Avoid the products which contain some alcohol or the formaldehyde, because they can be excessively dry and damage your hair.

What are your tricks to protect your hair in summer?


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