5 ways to curl your natural hair without heat


5 techniques pour boucler vos cheveux naturels sans chaleur


5 easy methods for 5 great and quick hairstyles.


Fluffy Cocoon

For a voluminous effect!

This hairstyle is based on twists with ends roll on themselves. You can use your usual hair cream or another one with voluminous effect or Ecostyler gel for a better curls definition


Bantu Knot Out

For a spring hairstyle. Really, out or not Bantu knot still are so trendy!

With this way, you make knots with your hair, as when we were a child 😉

In this video, you have 2 more hairstyles ideas.


Flat twist out mixed with Bantu knot out

For a voluminous Fro in a cloud shape !

With this method you’ll be sure to get a gorgeous fro even on short hair.

It’s a mix of twists stick on your scalp and bantu knots at the end of each.



For long and defined curls!

Make your curls with a flexi-rod method and hair care product or gel in order to define them really well.

In this video, have a look on others 2 hairstyles ideas.



The One method!

The easiest but it remains the most efficient method for beautiful quick curls.

In this tutorial, you have tricks to preserve your twist out days after.


Couleur Beauté tips:

  • For best results, moisturizing your hair before applying your hair care product and style.
  • Put oil on your finger before out your twists to preserve curl pattern.


Wich one is your favourite ways?